Madd Aesthetics

madd aesthetics

Innovative med spa services to enhance your natural self.

vampire facial

Defy age with a Vampire Facial®. We combine the powers of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and micro-needling to produce enticing results.

vampire breast lifts

Perk up! Embrace your natural curves with a Vampire Breast Lift® (VBL). This non-surgical procedure creates no scars and zero incisions. Just results.

under eye treatments

Lose the bags and even out skin-tone with madd’s PRP under eye treatments. Safer than fillers and in sync with your body’s natural healing.

hair restoration

Thinning hair can be a thing of the past. Natural hair growth is possible with madd’s hair restoration services for men and women. 


Improve vaginal health, from incontinence to intimate experiences. This minimally invasive procedure helps you get back to feeling like yourself.


Improve quality of life, from erectile function to Peyronie’s disease. This minimally invasive procedure helps you get back to feeling like yourself.

meet maddy

Maddy Haslett is the mastermind behind madd aesthetics. With a love for rejuvenation procedures that empower women and men to feel their best, Maddy is all about bringing out your natural attributes and teaching you how to preserve them. Learn more about her madd-skills and why she loves what she does.

what to expect

Your experience is everything. Expect to receive high-quality services in a serene atmosphere that is comfortable, clean, and relaxes the senses. Some of our therapies cause slight discomfort and it’s our job to make sure you are pampered and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

only the best brands

At madd aesthetics, we take great pride and care in selecting our products and services. Only the best are considered, and those chosen are products we’d use on ourselves.


Don’t take our word for it — see what others have to say about the madd aesthetics experience. If you are a client, don’t forget to review us online!


Reach out any time to book or ask questions. Use this form or schedule an appointment online. When booking online, if you don’t see an available appointment, reach out to Maddy directly at 314.200.4955 and she will do her best to work you in! Are you not sure which treatment is best for you? Feel free to book a free consultation with Maddy.

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