Madd Aesthetics

Whether you’re looking to perk-up your attributes or enhance what you love most, Maddy is here to make it happen. She’s all about exceeding expectations and making sure you feel madd-confident in your own skin.

the story

It all started with a healthcare internship in the OR as a senior in high school. Maddy quickly fell in love with the process of helping people, and in particular, she was fascinated with our body’s ability to heal itself. What she loved the most was being able to build special relationships with each and every patient. She knew from that moment on that she wanted to advance her career and become a provider. She proceeded to get her nursing license, and went on to become a cardiac and ICU RN.

Maddy is a Board Certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. She received an Associate’s Degree in Nursing at Kaskaskia College in Centralia, IL, a Bachelor’s of Science and Nursing at SIU Edwardsville, and a Master’s in Science and Nursing at Maryville University. 

Maddy joined the Ozzie Smith Center in July of 2022, and received her Biote training and certification in October of that same year. She saw very quickly that she could change lives for the better with Biote and other treatments, so she took it a step further by leveraging the same regenerative medicine to help people on the aesthetics side.

“The reward of seeing people become more confident in their own skin has been life changing.”

Maddy is not only a provider of aesthetic treatments, she uses the same products and procedures for herself. She is a huge advocate of its benefits physically and psychologically.


Maddy's Certifications

In October 2023, Maddy successfully completed training, through the Cellular Medicine Association (CMA), for Vampire Facials, Vampire Breast Lifts, under-eye treatments, and the O-Shot and P-Shot. This training includes certification in the preparation and use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), combined with micro-needling for the stimulation of collagen and for the treatment of Vampire Facials, VBLs, under-eye treatments, O-shots and P-shots.

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